About usMission

Our mission: understand the needs and expectations of our partners and customers. By doing so, our qualified staff is able to offer products that comply with CSA’s curent standards while also taking their budgets into account.

Our expertise: industrial vision with more than 35 years’ experience in the field.

Our commitment: to protect your eyes! We do so by offering high-quality vision and facial protectors that provide comfort and security in all areas of activity. The eye is a sensory organ that must be protected in all situations. This requires constant vigilance.

Although industries are increasingly aware of the problem, it is not only at work that our eyes need protection: 43% of eye accidents occur at home while we live our daily lives. Securo Vision is concerned about this statistic and insists that it is just as important to protect your eyes at home as it is at work.

“Never forget that your eyes are precious and deserve to be protected!”