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Securo Vision Inc. (Securo) is a leader in Canada, particularly in the field of industrial vision security. Offering vision and facial protection to businesses, Securo is the standard for eye safety at work.

We offer:

  • a wide selection of comfortable eye and facial protectors in compliance with existing CSA Standard 94.03;
  • an awareness and prevention program for potential eye injury risks, accredited by Emploi-Québec;
  • an eye-protection compliance program within the company.

Securo is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Optometric Services Inc., Canada’s Largest Network of optometrists with more than 1 700 Optometrists working in more than 750 clinics across Canada. We benefit from major advantages including collective purchasing power on all our products and a single negotiating table with our suppliers. Our safety glasses are distributed via our extensive network of independent optometrists and are available in hundreds of clinics.

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