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Outdoor Sports

Eye protection is recommended when enjoying your favorite leisure and outdoor activities. Mountain and street biking, tennis, squash, soccer etc…  it is essential to protect your eyes in all the activities you choose. Find your perfectly suited frames in our products catalogue.

Housekeeping and Gardening

Did you know that more than 43% of eye injuries occur at home and that some of these accidents lead to the loss of an eye? Eye protection is also necessary when performing certain household chores and while gardening. Objects suddenly propelled by your lawn mower, insecticides, cleaning products… these risks can be avoided by taking […]

Do-It-Yourself and Renovations

Protective eyewear is recommended to prevent harm from dust particles and debris when performing DIY or renovation work. This is especially true if the activity involves handling tools or products such as: saws or electric sanders stripping or corrosive products paint and varnishes If you are welding, it is important to wear green-tinted goggles with a […]