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Each Tint Has Its Own Protection

Did you know that each tint has it’s own application? Each colour has a meaning and specific type of protection. Discover the use of each hue for neutral (plano) lenses. If the following chart does not answer all your questions regarding the various colours available and their application, do not hesitate to contact us for more information […]

Taking Care of Your Safety Glasses

No lens is 100% scratch-resistant. Here are some tips to help extend the life of your lenses: Three Important Rules • Choose appropriate protective eyewear that fits firmly but not tightly and that sits as close to the eyes as possible without the eyelashes hitting the lenses. • Check your safety glasses daily. • Clean […]

How to Choose Your Glasses

Safety Eyewear is not designed like fashion glasses. The size of the frame must be chosen according to the shape of your face. Some frames are available in several sizes. It is therefore important to carefully choose the size of the frame at the clinic in order to ensure the goggles offer the proper protection and proper fit. […]

Are You Well Protected?

It takes only seconds to lose your sight! Your eyes deserve the best protection: losing sight is an irreversible disability for which there is no substitute. The main hazards according to Human Resources and Social Development Canada are: wind-blown dust and dirt; tree branches; flying particles caused by drilling, cutting, digging and other tasks of this kind; […]