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Are you using the proper lenses?

Since early 2015, we are proud to be able to better meet the specific needs of our customers with prescription safety glasses products that meet the most demanding needs of the industries. For instance; •   Do you work keeping a static position for a period of a few hours a day? •   Do […]

Beyond eye protection!

Standards and regulations concerning eye protection are well established in most industries in Canada. Safety glasses with prescription lenses are made available to workers and provide them with maximum eye protection. By cons, are they provided optimal visual quality? Is their peripheral vision clear enough? Several issues can be solved using lens manufacturing technology: image […]

Increase your visual quality and extend the life of your lenses.

Although eye protection is paramount, if you add to this a good quality of ophthalmic lenses and the right coatings; you will get a pair of safety glasses with an optical quality and comfort that is close your personal glasses. The current Z94.3 CSA Standard requires that all safety lenses (prescription and neutral) are equipped […]

Why wear a goggle and when?

Goggles are one example of eye protection that will provide proper eye safety when the risk of being struck by projectiles is high. It is important to know what type of eye and face protection is accepted by the current CSA Standard Z94.3 in order to select the proper protection recommended for each task. Certain tasks are […]

Potential Eye Injuries

  As the leader in safety eyewear, our mission at Securo Vision is to protect your eyes. Safety eyewear is now common in the workplace but must also be applied to all aspects of our lives such as at home while performing numerous household tasks, enjoying certain hobbies and/or playing sports. Securo Vision promotes vision-protection […]

Zoran Frame

Inspired by designer sports frames and exclusive to Securo Vision, the ZORAN offers safety, style, comfort and sturdiness. This safety frame has been privately tested and meets or surpasses the CSA Z94.3 Standard for Eye & Face protection. The ZORAN differentiates itself by its great technical qualities and its fabrication materials which make it highly impact […]