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Vision Safety Awareness Program©

The eye is a vital sensory organ that must be protected. A few seconds is all it takes to lose an eye. Blindness is an irreparable disability for which there is no substitute. It is therefore important to prevent eye injuries.

This awareness program, initiated by optometrists and vision-care professionals, raises awareness about the risks of eye injury and offers preventative measures.

Training is the best protection!

This awareness program provides fully adapted training  for your businesses’ needs. Training sessions are offered in the workplace to inform and educate workers on the potential risks of eye injuries as well as how to prevent them.

The objective is to increase awareness and a sense of responsibility among employees on the importance of wearing safety glasses.

This awareness program is available on DVD, is accredited by Emploi Québec and is tax deductible for Quebec companies. The approximate duration is 25 minutes.

To learn more on the Vision Safety Awareness Program©, contact your vision safety consultant at